Our high skilled staff can offer wide range of engineering and design activity within any kind of marine or off-shore industry.

Different background of our engineers let us to provide service conducted by professionals in any field any level.

Great experience in newbuilding, conversion and retrofit let us to execute different tasks -ask for details.

We are always focused on quality, timeschedule and customer profitable solutions.


Detail engineering & 3d modeling

Steelcad offers full detailed engineering services like 3D modeling of:

  • pipes
  • ducts
  • cable trays
  • equipment (including light walls and insulation)
  • foundations

We're able to provide full workshop documentation package for every ship system.

Basic design and P&ID

Our company is able to deliver design and technical assistance with documentation approval for every ship system. Doesn't matter if it is retrofit or newbuild.

3D scanning and retrofits

Combining 3D laser scanning with photogrammetry allows us to capture all required data during just one visit on board! The resulting point cloud is processed and imported into CAD software, which allows us to recreate all required surroundings of the most complicated technical spaces (like the engine room or the engine casing). On such a basis, with the use of the newest software solutions, we are able to prepare a full package of workshop documentation for any new system that you would like to install on board.

Visualisations and augmented reality

Thanks to the revolutionary capacities of the latest technology, we are able to present 3D designs in a novel way, using a virtual environment with a point cloud model retrieved from the existing vessel.

WIth our visualisation team we can show all design options — with finishes, materials, etc. 3D rendering allows to show product in a photoreal environment, with beautiful lighting.

Interios and exterior design

We provide basic and detail design of both interior and exterior. Our team is able to provide project management, contact with classification society and support at every stage of design. Example scope of work:

  • Window, Door, Insulation Plans, Accommodation Arrangements
  • Stairs, ladders, railings drawings
  • Rescue plans, lifesaving arrangements
  • Workshop ship interior drawings for floors, linings, ceilings etc.


STEELCAD is an office founded by designers who have gained experience in number of shipyards and design offices during their many years of career. Our engineers are ready to deal with each new challenge posed by our Client.

STEELCAD provides design services in the shipbuilding industry. We are ready and able to co-operate with worldwide shipyards and design offices to fullfil any task.

Within our advanced documentation any National, Company and Class Standard are followed as required.

We are most familiar with Foran, Autocad and Rhinoceros but we are able to do any job on other software tailored to Customer requirements.

Wojciech Galant

General Manager

Sebastian Brzozowski

Technical Director

Michał Sypniewski

Visualisation Team Leader

Robert Kołwzan

Senior Mechanical Designer

Lech Kowalewski

System Design Team Leader